Monday, September 25, 2006

Raks Sharqi

Double hip sit, dip,
Shoulder shimmy, figure eights.
Curves that move like... this!

Belly dancing! I just took my second class at a local health center and it is awesome. Sorry, AWESOME! We're learning a dance routine to Black Eyed Peas "My Humps", maybe not the most traditional belly dancing song, but definitely fun. And dangerous. I can just imagine Lesley (who is also newly addicted) and myself innocently out dancing one Saturday night and that song coming on... It could be a recipe for disaster! Because as much as I *think* I look sexy, my limited skills combined with alcohol might be more akin to muscle spasms while experiencing a high voltage electric shock. But as long I'm having fun, that's all that matters, right?

Top 5 reasons to be a bellydancer:
5. You can entertain yourself at spotlights by practicing chest isolations.
4. Costumes!
3. You can have a perfectly good reaons to tote around a sword.
2. You can sing along to lyrics in a foreign language with no idea of what they mean.

And the number one reason to be a bellydancer...

1. It doesn't seem so much like "excercise" when you're wearing chiffon!

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Bree said...

i am sure that when people see my stopped at a red light singing "habibi noon el ein" at the top of my lungs while dropping my chest up and down and shimmy'ing my shoulders back and forth... they think to themselves "Poor girl must be on crack and doesn't know she's white"

As a seasoned veteran dancer of the belly, I think the number ONE reason to be a belly dancer is...

* having everyone be hella jealous of your killer hip shakes and undulations while you're out dancing at the bar - and when they come up to you and ask where you got your moves you act all too-cool and tell them you learned them from some really cool Arab woman garbed out in chiffon and sparkles *

I am so happy you and lesley are taking belly dancing!