Friday, May 25, 2007

So we think we can dance

Shining like the sun
In their hearts and in their eyes
Two flames burn as one

I attended my first Sudbury wedding last weekend! That is to say the wedding was for a friend of mine from Sudbury, although it took place in Toronto. My parents were invited, much to my delight, because it allowed us to capture this Kodak moment:
*Mom and me raising the roof.

Most people have a really close group of high school friends that met in Grade 9, suffered through the awkwardness of adolescence together, cried while that Green Day song played at their graduation, and basically cemented life long friendships.

Well my experience varied slightly. Having gone to three different high schools I didn't have the luxury of gossiping in homeroom with my best friend every morning or eating lunch at the same "our table" every day for 5 years. Instead I met, through various means, four amazing girls, now grown into incredible women, and we did things a little differently. We formed a band.

A punk rock band.

A punk rock band named B-OTCH.

Luckily that experience (more than skipping algebra class to smoke behind the quad) has knit the 5 of us together forever. And now, sniff sniff, the first member of the B-OTCH crew is hitched! But we didn't lose a friend... We gained a triangle player. Congratulations Allie and Costin!*B-OTCH: Bree (guitar); Amy (keyboards, vocals); Allison (vocals); Carrice (bass guitar); Me (drums, sort of).

Editor's Note: Stayed tuned for another picture of the bride that deserves its own post entirely.

Monday, May 14, 2007

All My Ex's Live In...

Armed with a pocket full of American quarters for toll roads and a couple wrinkled Google maps to orient myself, I hit up Texas for the weekend. My rental car and I quickly became best friends, until the radio station insisted on playing Nickleback every 3rd song. I can't believe Americans won't take our beef but they'll gobble up our crappy yowler bands. But I quickly cheered myself up with a new hat:
I checked out Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula, only to discover that everbody just drives their cars, sorry, trucks all over the beach, which grossed me out from an ecological point of view, but I started to see the benefits when this guy rolled up with his tastey frozen treats:
The child-nerd in me spent way too much time at the Johnson Space Centre hanging out (that one was for Allie) with this guy:
If only I didn't just see a news piece about girls getting botox for prom to sour my lovin' feelings for the Lone Star State.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Being busy is boring

Edmonton, Houston,
Toronto, Victoria.
Maybe May is full?

Travel sure can make the days seem too short, but I like to keep busy so I've (over) scheduled myself this month. Or maybe I'm just worried that my new age (27) will start to slow me down? So that would mean I'm (over) compensating (with brackets?) for insecurities this month!