Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pet Peeve #1

I don't rant very often but I feel that someone needs to take up the good fight on this one. When did it ever become a good idea to phrase a sentence with the following structure: "Not to... but..." You know, like "Not to offend you, but your body odour makes my eyes water". People: if you are going to consciously, openly offend/disapoint/insult/judge something just do it! Or don't say anything! Announcing that you are about to hurt someone's feelings and then doing it anyway has got to be against some sort of city bylaw.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Perfect Break-up

Well it happened again. Another relationship comes to an end leaves each party feeling a little empty, even if I believe I'm in a better place now. We were together for only 9 months and in that time we shared some great moments; laughter and tears and everything in between. He never failed to be there when I needed him and he was great at remembering to deliver my messages. But in the end he just didn't have everything I needed from him. Well, that and he had no bundle option.

I think this card exhibits a very mature attitude, although it does creep me out a bit. Perhaps all break-ups should be covered by the "no contact for 3 months rule".

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Me, Mom & Chuck

Valentine's day. Single. Recipe for disaster? Not when your Mom comes over to keep you company and ends up showing you things like this on "the YouTube". If you're not familiar with Chuck Berry, prepare to be entertained:

Monday, February 05, 2007

The American Dream

One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a chilli war!
There is only one way to celebrate the superbowl: EXCESSIVELY. This year my friends Lesley and Naveen hosted a party with the theme "America, F*ck ya!" to truly get everyone in the spirit of overconsuming. The feature event (besides the football game in HD, of course) was the chilli cook-off. There were six entries that ranged from vegetarian to all meat, bland to spicy. I managed to sample a healthy portion of each one... Leading me to believe that you can actually get stoned off of too much meat. After we were sufficiently gorged, a fuzzy, glazed look settled over everyone. Or maybe that was just my meat high talking?Dude, that was some bitchin' Korean BBQ!