Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I got ROCKED: A Musical Review

My neighbour Michelle scored me a free ticket to go see the invitation dress rehearsal of "We Will Rock You". I had a fleeting thought of refusing it on account of "it's a week night" and "I'll get home late." But then I snapped out of it with the logic that I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead. Or married. Whichever comes first.

Fueled by a bag of heart smart potato chips (?), I headed downtown:
A lady in line told me she'd seen another production and that it had no story line, just a lot of songs. How wrong she was! The whole thing is set in the future, when all music is computer generated and controlled by an evil, all powerful corporation. The downfall of rock and roll is traced back to our current day and attributed the popularity of American Idol. The protagonist rebels (Bohemians) had to bring back rock (the rhapsody).

I love it.

I know nothing about show biz so it's pretty easy to impress me, but I thought the costumes (alternately punk rock sexy and robot androgynous) and singing were top notch. Not to mention that the cute lead was Quebecois and had the most endearing accent. My absolute favourite numbers were Another One Bites the Dust, Only the Good Die Young, and I want it All, but they were all good. There were plenty of pop culture (Britney's bald head) and Toronto (Maple Leaf Gardens) references for those urban aficionados out there.

But be warned! If you have the luck to see a performance, you may be inexplicably drawn to the merch table. I was:


Junior said...

I'm jealous.

I should get a free ticket for being a poor student.

Did I mention that I'm jealous?

Allison said...

Dead or married - HA! That made me LOL, which is embarrassing because I am at work.

brianne said...

so very jealous!
i must see this show!

i must say... that t-shirt is brilliant. BRILLIANT!

realgir! said...

You guys all have to see it, its awesome!

I didn't even mention the GLOW STICKS that they hand out to everyone upon entering the theatre... or the COPIUS amounts of air guitar. I only saw one instance of the leg guitar though. I might have choreographed more.

JD. said...

How was the Band?

are they old?