Friday, April 27, 2007

Memoires of Edmonton

I was in Edmonton for work this week and managed to entertain myself by walking around downtown with my camera! Here's a picture my boyfriend the timer took of me:
I thought this sign was funny, do most people walk faster than 30 km/h?
If so, you'd better slow the f**k down on the legislature grounds!
Another one of me, but timer needs to learn how to zoom.


JD. said...

I'm currently writing the love ballad "I'll be your Timer"

I assume it will be a massive hit.

Allison said...

Where is your bday post??? I wanna see the incriminating photos!

brianne said...

yes, i agree... where are the scandalous birthday pictures of you, a cowboy hat and a bottle of tequila?????

Junior said...

I think jess feels she's too 'old' for that kind of stuff, leave that to us youngins... the 26 and under crowd :-P

realgir! said...

Um, I forgot to bring my camera out on my birthday. You can see some pics Scot Ballad took on facebook!