Friday, May 25, 2007

So we think we can dance

Shining like the sun
In their hearts and in their eyes
Two flames burn as one

I attended my first Sudbury wedding last weekend! That is to say the wedding was for a friend of mine from Sudbury, although it took place in Toronto. My parents were invited, much to my delight, because it allowed us to capture this Kodak moment:
*Mom and me raising the roof.

Most people have a really close group of high school friends that met in Grade 9, suffered through the awkwardness of adolescence together, cried while that Green Day song played at their graduation, and basically cemented life long friendships.

Well my experience varied slightly. Having gone to three different high schools I didn't have the luxury of gossiping in homeroom with my best friend every morning or eating lunch at the same "our table" every day for 5 years. Instead I met, through various means, four amazing girls, now grown into incredible women, and we did things a little differently. We formed a band.

A punk rock band.

A punk rock band named B-OTCH.

Luckily that experience (more than skipping algebra class to smoke behind the quad) has knit the 5 of us together forever. And now, sniff sniff, the first member of the B-OTCH crew is hitched! But we didn't lose a friend... We gained a triangle player. Congratulations Allie and Costin!*B-OTCH: Bree (guitar); Amy (keyboards, vocals); Allison (vocals); Carrice (bass guitar); Me (drums, sort of).

Editor's Note: Stayed tuned for another picture of the bride that deserves its own post entirely.


brianne said...

i love the knitting reference.

i can't believe that the first one has fallen... and next year the second will go...

five years from now the last one will surely marry and then we'll be doing BABY SHOWERS! oh god!

Choochie said...

Let's just hope Costin doesn't get ornery in his old age and demands "Pancakes Now, Bitch!"
What a wonderful couple! Allison has set the bar very high for all us in choosing a husband.
And damn.... B-otch looks so good! we haven't let our bodies go in our old age yet :-)

Stevie said...

Hottest girl punk band ever! That pic of you and your Mom is absolutely priceless!

Allison said...

I would LOVE to have a copy of that photo. Would you send the digital file to me so I can blow it up and put it in my livingroom next to the original Xmas with B-OTCH picture?