Thursday, November 23, 2006


Can I just say I AM SO STOKED! Last night my good friend Joanna (who just got engaged, way to go Tim!) called and asked me the question I wasn't sure I would ever hear: "Will you do me the honour of becoming my bride(smaid)?" I was on the bus, crying, and bouncing off the walls. A bridesmaid? Me? What better excuse to be unabashedly girly, unapologetically giddy, and completely over the top? Not to mention the fun parties and pretty dresses. This is by far the best news I've had in awhile :)

And it gets even better: the wedding isn't until next October so this is just the beginning!

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bree said...

wedding talk is so fun. living with allie has satisfied my marriage itches... for now anyway ;)

im waiting for toby to pop the question so i can be the bridesmaid for our darling carrice. maybe i should subtlely hint at it next time i talk to him... hehe.