Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fleeting thoughts

Today I set a new record for my over traveled self: Three plane trips. That's three take offs and three landings. On any other day I may not have even remarked on this milestone, but the varying weather patterns between Fort McMurray (aka Fort McFreezing-my-ass-off) and Calgary made sure that these trips into the upper atmosphere would not go unnoticed. This morning I drove to the aiport in a snowstorm that did not permit me to exceed 30 kph in my rented Matrix. Yet somehow deciding to become airborne is a good idea! Of course in this situation they don't just take off and get it over with, they let you pile onto the plane (Dash-8, mind you) and sit on the runway while the snow heaps on faster than the attendants (who can barely grow facial hair) can wipe it off with that most technical of all airplane accessories - the broom. I'm surprised Swiffer hasn't cornered this market yet.

Regardless, I survive the morning excursions with barely an increase in my heart rate. I must be immune to any irrational plane phobias by now, right? Well, warm and safe on the ground in a snow storm is different than an entire flight from YYC to YMM with so much turbulence that the beer cart girl (sorry, flight attendent) couldn't make her rounds! Now that's a traumatizing flight experience.


Bree said...

I hear that Swiffer is coming out with a Super Size WetJet - however they're still trying to get the spray solution just right so that the planes don't turn to popsicles.

Speaking of snow, I better buy a snow brush for my vehicle. Last year I used the sleeve of my coat like the good ol' trailer trash I am.

Jupiter misses you :)

Allison said...

I had my first experience in a Dash-8 last week on my trip to Baltimore. Afterwards I could sympathize with people who have plane phobias. Soon I'll have as many aeroplan points as you do - I'm flying to the UK in two weeks, it's gotta count for something.