Monday, December 11, 2006

Maid's Dress - Option 1

So here's the first suggestion for my October debut as a bridesmaid. I think they're pretty! I wonder if the bubbles are included? :)
Another version with the sashes in the front. I can't wait until the real deal!

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Allison said...

Those bride's maids dresses are GREAT! My maids are also in black, however, I'm letting them wear whatever they want as long as it's cocktail length, black and makes them feel "Hot like FIRE!". Mostly, I don't want anyone to have to buy a dress that they will never wear again - I already have two of those in my closet. Every could use an excuse to buy their "little black dress".
PS: Because I know I am never going to get to wear my wedding dress again, I am throwing a wedding dress party once some more of my friends are married.