Sunday, December 10, 2006

3 days; 3 Amies (epic)

I am hugely addicted to order and patterns. The mathematical side of my brain, I guess. Obivously, I was stoked when I realized that I had plans to hang out with three ladies named Amy/Aimee in three consecutive days last week and that each represents a very different stage of my life. Here's how it went down:

Thursday with Amy M (aka Anarchist Amy). Amy is easily my longest friend, we first met in Grade 8. She represents my Sudbury upbringing, my puck rock roots. She knows me to my core and is always an inspiration in how honestly and openly she lives her life. We met up and went for drinks at the Green Room. We discussed everything from relationships to Trotsky (Amy discussed, I listened). Back at her place we stayed up chatting until 1:30 in the AM. My favourite part of the night was when we were discussing being single and Amy said that after her last relationship her slogan is "Ha màs", Spanish for "Never again". We had both fallen into a pattern of depreciation in our last relationships, small allowences became unfulfilled needs, until we were fed up. After our conversation I promised myself that I will "never again" spend time pinning for any man who doesn't deserve my love and attention. (NOTE: This conversation was compounded on a comment my best friend Kelly made earlier in the evening: "Jess, I have higher standards for you than you do for yourself." What have I been doing with my life?)

Friday with Aimee. Due to my copius amounts of travel I avoid making commitments I probably can't keep, which includes sports teams. Luckily my friend Aimee is rediculously active (usually on at least 3 teams at any given time) and invites me out to co-ed events whenever they "need a girl." So Friday night was volleyball, which I haven't played in ages (evident by my missing most of my serves). As soon as the rotation was explained to me we got into a wicked groove. We were 4 and 2 by the end of the night and I was sweaty and smiling. Afterwards, Aimee, her boyfriend Jack (best story teller ever - ask about the "dildo story"), and I went for beers and munchies. All in all the most active and rewarding Friday night I've ever had.

Saturday with Amy C. Although we met each other at work less than two years, Amy and I have made up for it in hours of conversation logged. We kept missing each other due to work and illnesses so we decided to hook up on Saturday to go Christmas shopping. Her awesome fiancé Daryl joined us, and the trio headed down to the Eaton's Centre for some sensory overload. Amy filled the Subway ride with anecdotes from her office Chirstmas party the previous night (co-workers and free booze are never a good mix). Normally I ban malls at Christmas time, but it was a logical place to start. To complete the picture we got some Starbucks coffee and hit the stores. A question that arose as Amy was picking out boxer shorts for her brother: Why is it that men wear baggy cotton shorts under their jeans and women get stuck with low-rise thongs? I mean really, the differential in fabric usage is astounding.
That's Amy and me in our "Kill All Humans" t-shirts.

There you have it! 3 days, 3 Amies (those of you who remember your core French will recognize that the plural of "Amy" is also the plural, feminin form of "friend". I couldn't resist :)

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brianne said...

i almost peed my pants when i read "Ha Mas" - i miss Amy.

come visit ottawa :) we need to plan some serious bachelorette!