Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pet Peeve #1

I don't rant very often but I feel that someone needs to take up the good fight on this one. When did it ever become a good idea to phrase a sentence with the following structure: "Not to... but..." You know, like "Not to offend you, but your body odour makes my eyes water". People: if you are going to consciously, openly offend/disapoint/insult/judge something just do it! Or don't say anything! Announcing that you are about to hurt someone's feelings and then doing it anyway has got to be against some sort of city bylaw.


Junior said...

Ok I had a good reply but blogger screwed up again...


Not to nit-pick Blogger people, but you really suck.

Brianne said...

my boss once explained to me the Way of the Warrior - there are 2 types of people: victims and warriors.

at first i thought he was nuts - and allie thought it was a cult.

now i understand that he just didnt care about why i was doing things as long as i was just doing them. i guess it applies to more people than just my boss :)