Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Learning to fly

I used to give a lot of credit to one person in my life for my happiness. Whatever I achieved, whenever I succeeded, I downplayed it or I praised someone else.

Reflecting on this has lead me to this new outlook (steel yourself for the fromage metaphor): I imagine that we were flying and I was so scared to ever let go because I thought I'd go tumbling to the ground if I didn't have him to hang on to. But when it happened, when I detached myself, I faltered, but I didn't fall. And now that I'm able to stop and look around, I can see why: I have my own wings, and they're what keep me here.


Junior said...

Thats a great metaphor. But we all gotta remember about Icarus (sp?) who flew too close to the sun. Why? Because life is too short and we don't need to splash down just yet. Swimming isnt half the fun flying is.

Jessica said...

Its an amazing blog...seriosly. There's nothing chaotic about it. It's just that you penned it down, and others dint bother to.

StevieP said...

Jess - this is an amazing sentiment. I got out of a really rough (ego-bruising) relationship a few years back and felt so similar. I went out all the time because everything felt so new and exciting again!

It's such an amazing feeling to realize that you're pretty damn awesome. ;)

See, now I creep in on your blog like you used to do on mine :P haha Creepy bloggy stalking!

bree said...

jess: we all remember my "dark years" a.k.a the years with RJ. remember when i was all newly single and we had that shitty apartment in barrie... you pretty much saved my life that summer. im not sure if i ever told you how awesome it was :)

PS: i am so honoured to be your best blog commenter ever. love you!