Monday, January 01, 2007

NYE @ the Maddy

Countdown to midnight,
Drinking, dancing all night long.
Red and black diva!

The Madison actually provided a pretty decent place to rock NYE '07. Since I got an entire day of shopping when I was in Victoria for the Christmas holidays I had to time to put together this pimpin' outfit:

I thought the dress was too low cut, but the sales clerk assured me that "cleavage is in." I wasn't aware that it was ever out.

Music options for the evening included cheeze dance music (provided by a belly shirt wearing cougar), live Irish type band and of course the beloved Piano Man! He is so awesome its scary. The dinner crowd was older, but once they opened the doors to the public it was mayhem! Ahh drunken frat boys, when will you learn that:

a) impersonating your favourite movie character (Borat) is not the way to pick up girls; and

b) nobody thinks you are cool when you start fights, mouth off to bouncers and get your drunken ass kicked out of the bar.


Allison said...

HOT LIKE FIRE! Jess, you look great in that pic. I'm sure you didn't have any trouble finding someone to kiss at midnight. Could I request that you wear a burqa to my wedding?

StevieP said...

Uhh, can you look any hotter? Seriously.

I second Allison's burqa request at her wedding! :P

Brianne said...

whoa mama.

i officially joined allie's bridal booty camp as a response to that picture of you.

i think i'll get it developed as inspiration and put it on the fridge next to the workout calander ;)